Akhil Perincherry


I am an ML research engineer at Ford Motor Company where I work on computer vision and machine learning for perception features in the context of automated driving. Most of my work is on camera images and LiDAR point clouds.

In my free time I enjoy playing/watching soccer, kickboxing, hiking (waterfall hikes are the best!) and practically any outdoor sport.

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My research interests are in domain adaptation (via generative modeling, semi/self/un-supervised learning), multimodal learning and task-agnostic learning. In general, I am interested in solving problems that stem from a lack of annotated or domain-specific data and problems where testing data is distributionally different from training data.

In my current job, I primarily work on object detection, tracking and segmentation using camera data and point cloud data. I graduated from the University of Florida in 2016. Before that, I worked at the Indian Institute of Science under Prof. K R Ramakrishnan at the Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence (CVAI) lab where I worked on touch-interface applications using a projector-camera based setup.



Knowledge Distillation Series (Paper Summaries)

Past Research

Rat whisker tracking - Univ. of Florida (2016)

Table-top touch interface using Kinect - Indian Institute of Science (2014)

Compressive sensing as a solution to Cognitive Radio (2013)